Monday, January 14, 2008

Additional Thoughts on Terminator

Okay, so apparently, I'm an idiot (what else is new?). For reasons I don't totally understand, it appears that the terminator series (here I'm referring to everything not just the TV series) has always called the terminators cyborgs. Personally, I still think they should be androids, but I'm not really into quibbling over semantics unless I know I'm right (and I'm only pretty sure I'm right). Plus, I'm pretty sure James Cameron gets to be right by sheer force of awesomeness, so I can't really argue.

So, this means that River is, most likely, totally robot. And, therefore, Future John Connor is a sick bastard. But we love him for sending her all the same.

So, my thoughts for episode two. Sarah Connor is still really freaking weak and I just keep missing Linda Hamilton more and more. River had to shoot a stupid lying snitch (note that I did not use the racially insensitive term, Mexican...BURN! Totally kidding, by the way, because the character was Mexican you see and for that matter I'm half Hispanic, too, so no hard feelings, alright?) because Sarah was actually falling for his ridiculous story about "only snitching on his cellmate who had kidnapped the cutest little girl you've ever seen and blah blah blah...". Then, she was actually indignant about it. Seriously, she's basically says, "I might have had the guts to shoot his lying ass, I'm just not sure anymore". What kind of badass is she supposed to be portraying? She can't be the badass that managed to take down Cyberdyne or whatever in T2.

John Connor's just been busy trying to accidentally get discovered, but well, what other point does he have at this point? Oh, yeah, falling for River. Well, he's busily doing that as well.

And then there's River. She's started talking about her past (ie- the future), and most of what she says still has me thinking she idolized Future John Connor. Since I know she's an android now, I'm starting to come up with some rather unspeakable theories for what her purpose was before being sent back in time (she only takes orders from him, you know...). All I can say is that Future John Connor is a really sick bastard (or, alternatively, I'm a really sick bastard).

At the same time, she's starting to do the whole "terminators don't know how to act normal" thing, which is alright, I guess. It provides smiles when she innocently brags that John gave her a diamond. Or copies the person next to her. Or prepares to kill a cop to avoid drawing attention (okay, smiles might be the wrong reaction in that instance).

But she's still totally programmed to make John fall for her. Which is just unfair for him. That look she gave him, after lightly touching the back of his neck, that was just unnecessary. Like pulling out an atomic bomb to scratch an itch, she's using her sizable arsenal of feminine wiles to woo him, when she doesn't even have any competition. He's already hers. His face after her look had only one question on it: "Would it be possible?"

And, well, I guess I'll just have to keep watching to find out. But, for the record, if it is possible, it means she totally wasn't created by Skynet. It would mean she was created by humans, well, males at least. And I have a sneaking suspicion of just which male might have created her...

That is all.


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