Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes Impressions

Okay, before I talk about Heroes, I have a very serious complaint. NBC is apparently so excited about Heroes that they put off premiering Chuck, the most awesome show in existence, to air an hour long Heroes pre-premiere...thing. Maybe it was totally cool and awesome, but it couldn't possibly have been more awesome than Chuck. Admittedly, I didn't watch it because Terminator: The River is Really Freaking Hot Chronicles wins that competition hands down. Also, Big Bang Theory had a very funny premiere as well. I think it was the funniest episode of that show that I've ever seen (How I Met Your Mother...much less so). But, that's not relevant. The only thing that's clear is that NBC doesn't love me enough. But, well, I get my Chuck fix next week, so that'll have to do.

So, Heroes, season three. First off, I was very fortunate and got to re-watch the majority of season two yesterday (in HD, I might add). Some random channel was playing it and I realized that I basically didn't remember anything that happened, so it seemed like a good idea (and it was). I was pleasantly surprised by it, to be honest. It wasn't as bad as I remembered it (high praise, right there). So, yeah, I felt pretty prepared going into season three.

My thoughts: tentatively excited. From a focus perspective, they still can't really compare to the awesomeness of showing us exactly what everyone is going to have to come together to stop (the bomb exploding in season 1, is what I'm talking about, by the way). It's kind of weird to have everyone doing stuff, but with no purpose at all. I appreciate that they've created more bad guys (and established that they're bad guys, too). Although, they don't really seem all that dangerous yet. I mean, Peter or Sylar could kick their asses backwards and forwards if they so desired.

Anyways, a list of my thoughts, in no particular order.

Future Peter is back to having a scar, I guess that's to help us keep track of which is which (considering that one looks like a scary biker dude right now, it shouldn't be that hard). Disappointingly, future Peter is sticking with the short hair. Also, what ridiculous power did future Peter use to trap Peter inside the dude's body? And, if Peter's in that body, where is the body's former resident? Is he dead? Will he come back once Peter is able to go back to looking like himself? I dunno, but important questions all the same.

Also, why is future Peter still around? He really needs to go back to his own time. He's really annoying. I love the cool Peter, not the depressed and meddling future Peter. Also, on an unrelated note, how does it make sense at all that Angela Petrelli can see the future with her dreams? She says that Peter's first power was dreams that he got from her. But that's a lie. Straight up. He got his dreaming power from that De Veaux dude (who was awesome). He's never seen into the future with his dreams (except maybe when seeing Christopher Eccleston's character). He just has those insightful dreams that impart a lesson, nothing like Angela's dream where she sees the villain's attack on Level 5.

Let's see, I guess I can't help feeling bad for Claire. I mean, Sylar finally got her. In her home. Just waltzed right in and cut open her head. That sucks. How did he find her? How did he get there so fast? Does the Heroes timeline make any sense at all? I can only surmise that he got his telekinesis back at the end of season two and the following day, he was chasing Claire down in her own home. Would he have known where she was from Suresh's place, somehow? Maybe? I don't know. It's pretty lame in either case.

Humm, I feel bad for Elle, but I admit I was really ready for Bob to finally bite it. I hope Elle doesn't become a bad guy, she's fun. And cute.

Also, Matt is hanging out in Africa with a dude who paints just like Isaac Mendes, only on rocks in the Sahara and warehouse walls in the New York docks. I think it's safe to call that random (and how many future painters do we really need, eh?). Considering that we've apparently got a clairevoyant and a version of Peter Petrelli from the future as well as Hiro, I think there's enough people who are supposed to know what the future is at this point (not to mention that Sylar and Peter are also future painters). Also, I'm still waiting for that image of the world splitting into two to take meaning beyond simply being the end of the world (Kaito did a better job describing it with the dark and the light than that image, and I didn't understand any of it).

Claire wants to join her dad in the hunt for the bad guys. I honestly have no idea why he didn't agree. I mean, she's basically immortal for goodness sake. That's useful. Instead, he's going to try to lock her up with her real mother, under threat of fire. I'm just going to assume she finds a way to get into plenty of trouble trying to join up with her dad.

Let's see, Nathan Petrelli's in an unusual situation. He's being visited by an imaginary(?) Linderman. I like Linderman so it's cool to see him back, but I'm really ready for Nathan to die (I swear, every season ends with me thinking he's finally done for). But, whatever. I guess him and "Tracy" are going to have fun together. I don't really know what he's up to, so his arc is definitely going to be very wait-and-see. I'm reserving judgement on Tracy as well, but she would be another example of someone who I thought was done (Ali Larter is actually what I'm referring to, being dead and all from either the virus or the building explosion should mean that the actress doesn't have to return). Instead, she's back, most likely as some secret clone or something of Nikki. Yeah, no matter where they go with her character it's going to be ridiculous, but that's life. Also, I'm annoyed we never got to check in on Micah or his cousin (okay, primarily his cousing). They better not be gone, because that would just be cruel (they show Ali Larter dying, but then the cool characters from that subplot get eliminated instead).

And then there's Suresh. Who never ceases to amaze me. I really don't like him. At least his stupidity is finally getting him in trouble (okay, fine it's always getting him in trouble, you're right). Now he finally actually has motivated to figure out a safe way to take away someone's powers. Hope he hurries. Also, Maya is apparently really easy (and pretty). I mean, I can kind of see her falling for Sylar when he's laying on the charm and spending time with her, but Mohinder? Really? C'mon. In the space of knowing him for...two days max. Also, why isn't Suresh back to trying to get the cure for the virus down to New Orleans to save Nikki, or does he just know that she's dead and it won't be a problem anymore? Or is he out of the cure and needs more of Claire's blood?

Moving on, Hiro is still Hiro (I hope he never changes). I hope he regains his faith in Ando soon, though, because I kind of feel bad for Ando. Also, the super fast girl is totally the babe from Jericho. That's kind of awesome and I'm glad she found new work. Although, I'm not totally into that short hair. She looked better in Jericho, but I'm still excited to see her (and now how many cute blond Heroes are there? I'm coming up with at least three right off the bat...not that I'm complaining).

Well, so in summary, I've got high hopes for this season. I think season two taught them some important lessons. I'm not convinced they really learned them, but I think it's safe to say that no season of Heroes is going to be as good as season one. It's just not really possible. Not that season one was a fluke, but everything that made season one good can't really be repeated, and so this is what we get instead. It's not bad and in fact it's got potential. But, it's just not amazing. In any case, I'll watch it. And enjoy it.

That is all.


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