Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday Report: Or Chuck is Back!!!

You know, it's funny reading my posts from when I first started watching Chuck last year. In my memory, I saw Chuck and immediately fell in love and it was awesome. In reality, things moved much slower than that. I thought that the completely ridiculous story was kind of stupid. I thought that the action sequences were rather poor (but I pretended to tell myself that the poor action sequences were all part of the joke and so it was okay). In fact, the things that kept me giving the show extra chances were things like the random Stanford references and the silliness of his work at the Buy More.

Now, though, I've spent a whole season with the show. I've realized that Zachary Levi is hilarious. I love how often he gets to save the day. I thoroughly enjoy his pining for the hot spy and laugh at how he's always complimenting her and almost completely oblivious to the fact that she's always complimenting him as well. I admit that I was more than a little disappointed with the late season "twist" where we find out that his former roommate got him kicked out of Stanford so that he wouldn't be recruited by the CIA to "protect" him.

I thought that was lame for a bunch of reasons. The most important reason was that he is specifically not supposed to be spy material. This whole fantasy is based on the fact that Chuck is your typical nerd who by some magical intervention gets to be, not just a spy, but a super spy. Finding out that he was actually qualified to be a spy ruined that whole fantasy. That was a huge error on the part of the creators (it's like they don't even understand their own creation, I mean, seriously, what were they thinking?).

Oh, one more complaint before I go back to worshipping this show and its complete awesomeness. Because the writers had to finish last season with some sort of cliff hanger-type thing, they decided to give Jayne the order to kill Chuck once the new Intersect is completed. Now, season two has to deal with that decision (a classic example of, "hey, we'll just solve that problem later"). The result is that they have to keep coming up with excuses for the new Intersect to be delayed so that Jayne doesn't kill Chuck. That's annoying. Clearly, Jayne can't kill Chuck. Sooner or later, probably mid this season, they're going to implement some sort of excuse so that Chuck gets to be an official spy or something (or the three of them will go rogue, but that's less likely). The problem is that almost any of these solutions is going to break the structure and fantasy of the show (which would be bad). Okay, fine, I'll hold out hope that everything stays the same (with the addition of Jordana Brewster as his ex-girlfriend from Stanford, and might I add that Jordana Brewster is ridiculously hot...now if only she was capable of acting, at all).

Quick, random aside, I find it interesting that Chuck's character wants out of this fantasy world. That he wants out of this fake life and to start his real life. His life is a fantasy filled with excitement and intrigue and danger (but he always comes out perfectly okay) and he wants out. This fantasy is holding his real life in place and he's ready to move on and lead that life. He doesn't want out because it's scary and dangerous; he wants out because he's ready to take over his own life. I think it's interesting.

But, that's neither here nor there. Anyways, I hadn't really realized how much I missed the awesomeness of Chuck until I got to watch a new episode. And laugh at silly lines like, "I'm pretty sure my girlish screams in the face of danger give me away." and "How much do bad guys normally tip?" Okay, I admit I almost fell over from that one (I kind of replayed it a couple time because it was so awesome).

So, yeah, I'm glad to have it back.

Let's see, Terminator is currently focusing almost entirely on River, which is pretty awesome. Clearly, she is rather broken at the moment. But, if she can't keep her memories straight, it just means we get to see more of them. And, well, I'm enjoying them. Apparently the girl she was modeled after was John's girl. Interesting, don't you think? Not so surprising that she got reprogrammed, huh? Of course, if we start doing the math, it starts getting a little sketchy. That girl, Alison Young, is born this year-ish. I'm not sure how old John is in her timeline, but I would guess that it's something well past 30 when the bombs go off. Alison Young was 16 or 17 upon her capture. I think that qualifies as sketchy. Of course, considering that this is River we're talking about, I completely understand.

Otherwise, not much is happening in Terminator. They're definitely in stall mode while they develop River's character. We'll see where they go from there. Oh, admittedly, last week's only point was to kill off Sarah's ex-fiancee's wife so that he could give up his old life and go adventuring with them. But, I guess it'll be another week or two before they've finished filling in River's back story enough to get around to focusing on the present again and having them get around to learning about Shirley Manson.

And then there's Heroes. We've comfirmed that Tracy is definitely not Nikki and my theory (which I didn't state in the blog, I don't think, but I stated elsewhere, so it's still mine, thankyouverymuch) that she and Nikki were both creations of the company is seeming rather likely. In other news we've gotten to see more Bea Grant (the hot girl from Jericho). That makes me very happy. In rather unhappy news, the random African dude who paints the future just painted her dead body in Matt's arms. I'm hoping that doesn't happen, because Matt really deserves to actually get to hold a relationship for at least a little while (considering that his wife left him between seasons 1 and 2, and Molly has disappeared from season 3, poor Matt can't keep any women in his life).

Peter got his body back, which is nice (but future Peter needs to go away already). Poor Francis Capra's already died (and his power was lame, that sucks too). And, per the rules, Peter is going to get to check out the future and get motivated to stop it from happening (but do we really need two Peters trying to stop it from happening). I'm kind of curious to see if he meets up with that Irish chick while he's there, but I'm not sure how that's possible (not that I would put that past the show or anything).

Let's see, um, Claire's mom's a bitch. Oh, and Angela Petrelli is freaking insane. Like, my God, what's the point of her? It's like she exists to sow confusion and anarchy and trouble and sadness. I really, really hope that Sylar kills her before the end of this season. She needs it. She's begging for it. Somebody just has to make it happen (and by somebody, clearly I mean Sylar).

Now for the people we didn't get to check in on. We barely got to see Nathan (no big deal) but that meant no Linderman (which sucks). We did get to see Micah finally, which was nice. I like him, but it feels like this was his exit episode (I'd like to see his cousin one more time, though). We only had to listen to Mohinder, but that was still too much of him.

Oh, and what are Hiro and Ando doing in Level 5? That is annoying. Somebody needs to get them out. Fast (Bea Grant, care to volunteer?). I mean, this very seriously. Hiro and Ando do not belong in Level 5, next to Sylar. That's not okay.

Alright. That is all.


PS- I'm serious. That's really not okay.

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